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Indicates minimum fields that MUST be provided to calculate your Monthly Lease Payment (Short Form).
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Manufacturer suggested retail price (Sticker Price).

Destination Charge:

Delivery fee. NOTE: May be included in MSRP.

Optional Equipment:

Additional equipment cost if not included in MSRP.

Total MSRP:

Total value of the vehicle.

Selling Price:

Negotiated sell price1 (also known as Gross CAP Cost).

Acquisition Fee:

Dealer's administrative fees for the lease2.

Document Fees:

Fees (administrative) to process lease documents.

License Fee:

Official State and Local fee.

Title Fee:

Official State and Local fee.

Registration Fee:

Official State and Local fee.

Additional Fees:

Any additional fees.

Down Payment:

Additional money down that reduces the CAP Cost3.


Taxable reductions (i.e., Manufacturer Rebates).


Value (positive or negative) of trade-in vehicle (if any).

CAP Adjustment:

Amount increasing or decreasing the CAP Cost.

Net CAP Cost:

Used to determine the Monthly Payments.

Lease Term (months):

36 months is usually the optimal term level.

State Tax:

State Tax.


The value of the vehicle after the term of the lease.

Money Factor:

The rate it will cost you to lease the vehicle.

Interest Rate:

Money Factor * 2400.

Monthly Base:

(Net CAP - Residual) / Lease Term

Finance Charges:

(Net CAP + Residual) * Money Factor

Base + Finance:

Monthly Base + Finance Charges


(Monthly Base + Finance Charges) * State Tax

Monthly Payments:

Monthly Base + Finance Charges + Taxes

Security Deposit:

Typically the same as one Monthly Payment but not required.

Acquisition Fee:

Dealer's administrative fees for the lease2 (paid up-front).

Document Fee:

Fees (administrative) to process lease documents (paid up-front).

License Fee:

Official State and Local fee (paid up-front).

Title Fee:

Official State and Local fee (paid up-front).

Registration Fee:

Official State and Local fee (paid up-front)

Additional Fees:

Any additional fees (paid up-front).


Taxes calculated against Reductions, Trade-ins, Down Payment and certain fees4.

Due at Signing:

Includes Down Payment, First Month, Security, Taxes, and Fees.
1 Items in Yellow (Selling Price, Residual, and Money Factor) are considered to be the most important elements of any Auto Lease. By negotiating the Selling Price, and making certain that the Residual and Money Factor are correct, they can have a huge impact on lowering your Monthly Lease Payments.
2 In some cases the Acquisition Fee is paid up-front (at signing) and is not included in the Net CAP Cost. In these cases, put the Acquisition Fee in the "Additional Fees" section.
3 Overall Savings is based on how much money you will save over the course of the lease by putting money down (at signing) to reduce the CAP Cost. The savings comes from not paying taxes and finance charges on your down payment amount for the term of the lease.
Overall Savings example:
On a 36 month lease @ .0025 money factor with 8.25% state tax, a $1,000.00 Down Payment will save you an extra $32.78 in monthly payments, totaling $1,180.08 for 36 months. Your total savings on the lease will be $180.08 ($1,180.08 Total Monthly Savings - $1,000.00 Down Payment), which is a net savings of $5 per month ($180.08 / 36 months).
4 Taxes are applied to any amount reducing the Gross CAP Cost, as well as certain fees (i.e., Acquisition and Document fees).